What is EnView

EnView is a Cloud Based Energy Productivity Management & Analytics Tool developed by E-Cube Energy.

Powered with industry specific algorithms & tools to help industries assess, manage and report Energy/Resource productivity improvements in a way that is Faster, Better and Cheaper!

Key features

Make your data work - IoT Know your indicators
CSV Upload
Connect with your Smart Meters
Manually key in additional data
EnPI driven reporting
Multiple reporting formats
In-App and Email alerts
Industry specific algorithm Track Investments
Performance Analysis wrt historical behaviour
Accurate assessments using industry specific logics
Automatic adjustments for Normalization Factors
Features to track investment effectiveness
Automated EE investment performance reports
See where you are earning & losing

Value Added Solutions

Basic analytics & Dashboards are complimentary as soon as you sign up for EnView

Access to various equipment performance assessment tools

Access to feedback from our analysts at EDA centre.

Deploying API/Alogirthms to help large organisation make the best of their data on more scalable platforms


Get to know your price per quarter

Pricing of EnView is based on the energy consumption profile of the unit/factory

*X is in “TOE” (Tons of Oil Equivalent)

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